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Here is how Obama smothers the economic recovery we need

December 8, 2012

It’s so easy to see if only we look at the governments own released data.

They have to believe the vast majority of Americans are really very, very stupid.

Just think about this…..

For October and November, 2012 (latest data) we see FEDERAL INCOME (that’s all the taxes we all pay as people and as businesses) went UP $30 billion a day versus last year. That’s a 10% improvement.

That means Americans and our businesses are trying hard to recover from the Obama recession.

For the same two months FEDERAL SPENDING went up $87 billion a day. That’s 16% spending MORE THAN LAST YEAR.

It’s really easy to see borrowing $6 TRILLION is not stimulating, it’s allowing spending to go so far out of line our entire economy can’t even keep the debt from growing..

So argue all you want about overspending helping the economy – the numbers simply tell a very different story.



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