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Obama the king has risen! Long live the king Obama!

November 21, 2012

Lead us through the 40 years of suffering to come, o great king Obama! Where we all learn the word fairness means shared misery. Where we all learn that the yesterdays were the only good times. Where we learn we must disband our military to pay off a portion of the interest on our gazillion dollar debt. Where sharia law replaces the Supreme Court and Constitution. Etc, etc. 40 years of misery to come.

This election has cast the stone of destruction at America as no other in my own lifetime.

We have a re-elected president who at heart and in ideology dislikes America and will continue to do everything he can to hasten the fall and transformation of America into a depressed and dependent and internationally irrelevant nation.

Why will the next 40 years give us pause to think about the survival of America?

The most enduring fact about Obama‘s re-election is that he will very, very likely appoint 3 more highly liberal, socialist and anti-traditional American values Supreme Court justices in the next 4 years.

That will give Obama the never before seen ability to mold the now sharply divided Supreme Court to his ideology. He will have appointed 5 justices in just 8 years. Americans will no longer see any sense of balance of power or ideology.

These new appointees will shape American society for the coming generation (the 40 years). With new laws passed and disliked old ones overturned the Supreme Court will support the ideology of American minimalism, government control over vast parts of American’s lives, government entitlements and essential disarmament.

The next four years promise worse things for America than the last – massive tax increases, more misery, less jobs, more inflation, more food stamps, more unemployment, less people in the workforce because so many have given up, cuts in Social Security, a likely partial collapse of our monetary system via a default triggered by massive deficits (we already owe more debt per person than now bankrupt Greece), uncontrolled immigration, continued attacks on Christianity, prohibitions of any new fossil based energy inside America and much, much more.

American’s like to think positively, but will increasingly see the black cloud of destruction rolling toward them. The feeling there is no hope will grow. The sad thing is this is mostly true, the die has been cast, the game of survival is largely lost.

I have no suggestion on how to reverse this mighty river flood of destruction. I wish I did. But I’ll never give up hope for America, there is an essential goodness found in the hearts of many Americans, one that does not beat for ideology but for faith.

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