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Ever wonder why it’s almost always Democrats caught cheating for votes?

November 2, 2012

Seriously, do a Google search and a Bing search involving voter fraud, cheating, irregularities, machine malfunctions, busing ethnic groups and telling them how to vote and it goes on and on. You will see 85% of the references are to Democrats. It’s so well expected Democrats will cheat that jokes are mad about it.

I think Democrats want to control this country so badly there is little cheating they won’t do. A few very recent examples are below, but there is a new set of them every day!

Nevada – Claims of voting machine troubles are nothing new in Nevada, which have included media anecdotes of irregularities this election cycle.

Ohio – Busloads of Somali’s brought and told how to vote, no attempt to even check if a registered voter

“There are three or four states today, Bret, that require a recount if the result is within a certain number of percentage points. And so it’s not in — not entirely unlikely that we might have a recount in a — in two or three of those states. And that could then trigger what happened in 2000,” former Secretary of State James Baker said about the possibility of a recount.

“I don’t expect it to happen. I hope it doesn’t happen. It would be better for America’s democracy if it doesn’t happen. But you have to be prepared for it,” Baker said on FOX News’ “Special Report.”

NJ – New Jersey will deploy military trucks to serve as polling places on Election Day in storm-battered communities, the state secretary of the state announced Thursday during a visit to this flood-ravaged town. The state is also extending the deadline on mail-in ballots.

Department of Defense trucks will be parked at regular polling places that have lost power, as long as the sites are still accessible. Paper ballots will be used.

Republican Secretary of State and Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno said voters will find “a DOD truck with a well-situated National Guardsman and a big sign saying, “Vote Here.”



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