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Marine killed in Libya massacre while “painting” target with laser for aircraft that never came to help

October 30, 2012

This has now come out –

One of the marines killed had located the site of the mortars raining down fire. He had “painted the target” with a laser. This means he has established a location for aircraft or drones to come and destroy.

This laser is lit up shortly before the aircraft arrive so the person using the locator laser does not become an easy target.  Lasers ARE NOT used unless strike forces are near.

NOTE – we now know a laser target was “lit up”. We have credible evidence strike forces were told to “stand down” at least twice. We have copies of faxes sent the White House and all over asking for help. We have Obama refusing to discuss all this new evidence. And more.

This is a criminal coverup under our noses. Ask your public servants in Congress to subpoena records and demand testimony. Those who left Americans alone to die deserve punishment.



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