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Obama Economics vs University of Chicago Economics

October 21, 2012

There was once a president named Obama who received a Nobel prize at the beginning of his presidency for no discernible reason except being a black-white elected president.

There was also a University of Chicago professor named Milton Friedman who won a Nobel prize for his lifetime of service and research into economics.

When Obama became president he followed the principle that spending more money would create more jobs with the result that the governments own statistics showed 2 million less workers after 4 years and tens of millions no longer seeking jobs.

Friedman won his Nobel prize for showing any activity undertaken by the State would cost twice as much and produce half as much as the private sector. Certainly proven the last four years.

A corollay of Friedman’s law being that spending taxpayer money on creating jobs will destroy as many jobs as are being created. Certainly more than true under Obama’s reign.

Friedman also pointed out when government spending by the governing class exceeded 25% of the national output democracy would fail – and it seems this has been the Obama plan all along. The reason being too many people had their hand in the taxpayers pocket – and it seems fairness and wealth transfer are the very thing happening under Obama.

Has it gone too far already???




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