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Obama goes to Comedy Central to discuss Libya massacre – huh?

October 18, 2012

If you need confirmation this president is a joke you need not look further than Comedy Central.

He is trying to hide behind Cathy Crowley’s lie about his transcript, which she did in front of 20 million people. EVERYONE knows the Obama regime was all about blaming the film for over 2 weeks – including sniveling in front of the UN.

Anyway this joke referred to the murder of 4 Americans as “sub optimal”.  Sub optimal????

What kind of a president goes on a Comedy show to defend himself from criticism and talk about murdering Americans in such clinical detachment – “sub optimal” ??????????

The only sub optimal thing on Comedy Central was himself. A president talking about an international incident of serious consequence on a comedy show? Would you do that if you were president?

Once again this report found in the news OUTSIDE the US, the lapdog media inside the US dare not say anything



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