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ACORN OF CHINA RISES TO CHALLENGE! We’ll raise money from the world for Obama. Laundering FREE.

October 10, 2012

Let’s see…..

Obama’s donation website is not even owned by Obama. By whom then? An American LIVING IN CHINA. An Obama “bundler” previously reported and must still be today.

And this American who owns the Obama site LIVES IN CHINA is a supposed employee of ACORN INTERNATIONAL (remember them? continuing from the 2008 campaign, etc, ACORN)

Who does ACORN serve? “Roche is the chairman of a CHINESE infomercial company, Acorn International, with ties to state-controlled banks that allow it to “gain revenue through credit card transactions with Chinese banks.”

There we go again! A flawless report directly linking Obama and his people to a Chinese controlled website for donations from overseas.



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