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Libya Embassy Scandal Grows Even Bigger

October 7, 2012

While Americans based in Libya were asking for more protection during the six months prior to the massacre, the administration removed 34 highly trained military personnel. basically, the administration taht tried to spin the liyan tragedy as simply a reaction to a movie actually increased the probabilities of attack by weakening our defenses.

During this same time Obama spent untold millions on a fund raising trip (kept under the radar by the lapdog media) to other counties, including Switzerland. he’s raising money and campaigning wile people are slaughtered in Libya. Is that fair Mr. Obama?

Testimony today said “We tried to illustrate…to show them how dangerous and how volatile and just unpredictable that whole environment was over there. So to decrease security in the face of that really is… it’s just unbelievable,” Wood said.

The State Department official says there was a “constant conversation” between security details in Libya and officials in Washington D.C.

Sources critical of what they view as a security drawdown say three Mobile Security Deployment teams left Libya between February and August in addition to the 16-member Site Security Team on loan from the military. That’s 34 highly-trained security personnel moved out over a six month period.

One State Department source told CBS News the security teams weren’t “pulled,” that their mission was simply over.

Also scheduled to appear at next week’s hearing are Libya’s former U.S. Regional Security Officer Eric Nordstrom and State Department official Charlene Lamb.



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