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Dems caught in voter fraud in another swing state

October 6, 2012

Well, of course we hear over and over of voter registration fraud perpetrated by Democrats – especially in swing states. Remember the ACORN fraud from the 2008 election? They were flat out caught doing it in 15 or 16 states, as I recall. The SEIU has also been caught. So, here’s another one, in Florida (we seem to get daily reports of a fraud somewhere).

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Florida officials are reviewing allegations of voter registration fraud against the state Democratic Party.

The Florida Department of State on Friday confirmed that it has forwarded complaints about alleged voter registration fraud against the Democrats and two other groups to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. The groups are the Florida New Majority Education Fund and the National Council of La Raza/Democracia USA.

Neither state agency would comment on the extent of the allegations or on how many voter registration forms it involves.

A party spokeswoman said the Democrats were unaware of any complaints that they had registered someone who was ineligible. Spokesman Brannon Jordan said party volunteers go through extensive training.



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