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Obama and GM – What Are the REAL Losses?

October 2, 2012

Ever ask yourself why Obama won’t sell the GM stock the government still has?  He says its to avoid a loss. But Solyndra and the other already bankrupt solar energy companies present a bigger loss to the US public than the GM stock he won’t sell. Add to that the bankrupt battery companies and the subsidized ones.

Could it be he is keeping it for ulterior motives? Maybe to continue to force un-economic Volts down our throats? You think a company like GM, coming out of bankruptcy, would purposely build a car they will lose $30,000 plus upon each? Maybe because Obama had full control of GM when it was launched?

And who owns the GM stock now, other than the unions Obama gave it to while he stiffed secured loan holders and salaried workers? Who got the GM stock Obama did sell? Unions? Cronies?

And NOW the BIG question – WHAT ARE OUR LOSSES ON THE “OLD” GM ???????? Yes there is one. It tookover all the money losing plants and the ones shuttered, the bad loans, the debt, the toxic cleanup sites and much more.

Show the REAL losses on the GM takeover. It will make the loss on selling stock insignificant. I have heard numbers in the hundreds of billions of dollars, most of it still hidden with accounting “tricks”. Even as much a a HALF TRILLION dollars.

Why is NOBODY putting this on the front page and asking Obama to defend those losses? He’s already accumulated SIX TRILLION dollars  in overall deficits in 4 years – what’s another half  trillion?



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