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1 Million Obama Phones in Ohio – 15.5 Million in ALL REST OF STATES

September 29, 2012

Could it be Ohio is a swing state? Interestingly, one of the provider companies for the service ( paid for with taxes on telephone service) is even called ObamaPhone – no kidding!

The usage in Ohio exploded during the Obama years, doubling.

Fraud is rampart, with most of the  million people on it simply having to have signed a form that said, yes I qualify. Only recently have applicants been asked to provide any documentation.

So far, it’s reported 9 different companies have been started to supply the demand. I guess that is more job creation that is a fiction because it is all paid with tax money the rest of Americans pay. No free lunch – someone pays and it’s taxpayers.



One Comment
  1. lodie permalink

    yes & i’m sure these Obamaphone sheepeople will get their marching order reminder to vote for him via Text Message on Nov 4th

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