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Obama Tells Truth – By Accident – He Wants to Export Jobs

September 27, 2012

President Barack Obama exposed his inner feelings during a campaign speech on Wednesday,  saying he wanted to export U.S. jobs. He then tried to correct himself.

In the middle of remarks to an enthusiastic crowd  ( some estimates ran as large as 600 people – minus all the rent-a-mob that is paid for by the campaign) in Ohio, Obama was describing a five-point plan to boost employment   and he stumbled at a crucial word. LOL. Surprise!

“I want to see us export more jobs,” Obama said, before catching himself quickly and saying, “Export more products.”

“Excuse me,” he exclaimed

Read my blogs on Obama and the forces that formed his world. Watch Dinesh Desouza’s film, made by a contemporary of Obama. read the blog of the 10 things that Obama really represents.

If you want to vote for big government control of banks, business, education, grossly irresponsible spending, an internal gestao called the Department of Homeland security, drones over your house and on and on – vote Obama. If not vote against it all, vote Romney. He’s our only chance, Obi-Wan-Kenobi!



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