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Chicago Teacher Union Drivel

September 11, 2012

This is why public schools everywhere fail. Blame for everything is placed on  race and income.

A real quote from the head of the CTU:

“I wish people would stop thinking that standardized tests tell us anything other than the socioeconomic background of our students. We don’t control for that,” Lewis said.

This was in response to why teachers don’t want the performance of their students to be in any evaluation.

If you are a good teacher, paid over $100,000 in salary and benefits, why would we not expect students to show improvement in their education?

Better yet, how many parents of those 400,000 kids make over $100,000 a year??



One Comment
  1. mfv003 permalink

    I completely agree. Since when are people not to be held accountable for their job performance? Teachers should be no different. I understand that motivating kids to learn in lower (if not all) socioeconomic areas is difficult. But do these teachers really expect to receive full salary and benefits with no regard for how they actually perform in the classroom? Furthermore, what incentive do teachers have at all if no significance is placed on how their students perform?

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