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Obama Wants to Control Your Life – Dems Agree

September 5, 2012

Dems Drop 'God' From Party Platform...

We all know the word God means nothing to people like Obama, he can't even include the word when he does the pledge of allegiance.

Jerusalem: Pro-Israel Language Removed...

Obama's antipathy towards the Jews has been demonstrated over and over, from Ntanyahu coming in the back entrance to the White House to his pull back in military support during the ongoing Iran crisis and much more.

Endorse taxpayer-funded abortions...

One of the big things Obama pushed was free abortions via his new Obamacare and his executive orders

DNC Video: 'The Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To'...

Obama grew in and was molded by parents and friends who believed big government was the way to treat everyone “fairly”. his entire existence he has been submerged in that thinking. From his times in Hawaii and Indonesia, to his mothers established and known views we see Occidental and Harvard added.

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