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America’s View of BIG MEDIA

August 25, 2012

I am struck by how often big media denies it’s “progressive, liberal, left wing, etc bias“. Every so often somebody does a poll or runs an article that just blows a big hole in the self induced belief that NBC or the New York Times or CNN cover news in an unbiased fashion.

The latest is a poll that shows 73% of the American people believe big media have a left wing bias and promote Obama. it’s been quite awhile since the last poll like it. I wonder why?

The is another poll run about a year to two years ago, by the media on itself. That’s right, they ask each reporter, anchor, correspondent and every other position to rate themselves as liberal or conservative. Yes, that’s right. They ran a poll on themselves. Would it surprise you to find out 80-90% of the media voting said they were liberals? At least noone can criticize that poll since the libs ran it.

Today the new York Times published an article by a departing columnist who, with reference to the NYT, said the liberal bias virtually “bled” through the ink on the pages. Here: the NYT editor immediately says it was not true.

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