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How Safe Is Ammo held By Dept. Homeland Security?

August 18, 2012

We continue to read about one government department after another ordering large quantities of ammo, mostly deadly hollow point bullets. The Department of Homeland Security has as much ammo on order as the Department of Defense, but only one of them is fighting an actual war.

Now we see NOAA, Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, ICE, Border guards, FBI, CIA, Customs, Social Security. How many more?

Ask yourself why all these government departments need all this ammo? To kill what or who?

Bu what is worse, and more scary,  is to ask what security exists to prevent this massive amount of ammo being stolen? By terrorists, for example. Where is it being stored. How safe are the storage locations. how close to population groups or public facilities – like airports or train stations or in cities?

Anyone in the military is aware of the dangers of stored explosives. But Homeland security is more like a bunch of  teenagers out on a lark than any real competent military force (so far anyway – they have not ordered shiny black boots yet or special armbands that have a big “HS” on one half and an Obama Logo on the other. They do have the new American flag, actually see flying in Florida, with Obama face replacing the stars in the flag. Google it.


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