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Welcome to Obama-Holder World of Fairness

August 16, 2012

This continuing black on white series of attacks nationwide has got to be brought to an end.  It’s racism and hate crimes no matter what the docile police tell us. I’ve blogged attack after attack these last 6 months. If they’d been white on blacks they’d be front page news for weeks and Holder would be investigating so hard you’d think the Russian KGB had returned. Because it’s black on white it’s passed by, overlooked, denied, etc.

Holder, Obama‘s right hand accomplice in the Fast and Furious coverup fiasco, has said, publicly, that such behavior by blacks is really just payback for the time they were slaves.

Here’s the lastest where a mob of black teenagers nearly killed a white man they attacked from behind and savagely beat.

When police rounded up most of the teens, took them back to the police station and questioned them, they admitted Mahaney had done nothing to provoke being kicked and punched repeatedly in the face while he was helpless on the ground.

The boys told police they only stopped assaulting Mahaney when a neighbor began yelling at them and said he was calling police.

An officer who happened to be in the area responding to a call about dogs fighting spotted a crowd of people gathered at the corner of Dallas and Simpson. Several witnesses told the officer that Mahaney, who was covered in blood, “was jumped by six children,” the incident report states.

Mahaney was taken to Mercy Mt. Airy Hospital, where he was treated for four days before being released Tuesday. He suffered so many internal injuries that doctors had to insert a tube down his throat to remove all the blood from his stomach.

A tube remained in his right nostril Wednesday and blood continued to seep out of his head. His left eye was heavily blackened.

Mahaney has no health insurance and has been unemployed for “years,” he said. He is looking for factory work but with the slow economy, jobs are almost impossible to come by, he said.

He said he was taken aback by the age of his assailants.

“I didn’t think kids could do something like this,” he said. “They should be punished.”

Neighbors and police were stunned at the brutality of the attack.

“It was a heinous crime but it was not a hate crime,” North College Hill Police Chief Gary Foust said. Several residents called police, noting the suspects are black and inquiring whether Mahaney was specifically targeted because he is white. He was not, the chief said.

But police were struck by how cocky the boys were for their age.

“They were pretty arrogant in the interview with us,” Foust said. “It’s appalling. I think it’s despicable. This appears to be premeditated and there was no remorse on behalf of any of the assailants. Thirteen-year-olds ought to be playing basketball, not running the streets looking for ways to entertain themselves at the expense of somebody.”

Foust credited Mahaney’s neighbors for coming to his aid.

“If not for their assistance, we would not have been able to investigate and complete it with the arrests,” he said. “The community as a whole was not tolerable of the offense and were very instrumental in giving us the individuals involved.”

A wood plaque on Mahaney’s house reads: “Protected by Angels.”

Kita Hill, 26, who lives next door to Mahaney, said, “He is real sweet.

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