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Myths of the One Percent

July 21, 2012

Obama and his campaign have worked tirelessly for the last two years (since 2010) to brand and “define” the one percenters. Note, the total control of the USA was in Democrat hands until that date (2008-2010), BUT there were NO one percenters campaign and NO nationwide campaign to tax them more. Thus one has to conclude the Obama attacks are all political. Why? There is more money of the one percenters in the hands of Obama supporters and donors than those in the hands of conservatives. Amazed at that? Just consider Warren Buffet and virtually all the superstars of Hollywood.

Well, good friends, CNS has published the facts, titled “The Falling Fortunes of the One Percent”.

There are awesome facts there that undermine the Obama campaign in so many ways. Please go and read it yourself. For example, if you divide all taxpayers (including the nearly 50% who pay no taxes already). The top 20% had their income drop 37%. At the same time the bottom 20% had income go up 3%. Big difference. Lots of other goodies there.

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