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We Need Multi- Billion Scam Solyndra Investigated, Not 30 Compaies for Only Half a Million

July 18, 2012

The GAO barks up the tree with a squirrel in it and ignores the tree with a flock of vultures.

They are investigating thirty companies where $500, 000 is missing (which is fine), but we have a fistful of solar power companies the government (read Obama and friends) financed and then watched go belly up. What is worse and not investigated are the multiple emails between Obama officials and Solyndra that talked about how to hide or minimize the impact of this on Obama.

These solar power companies Obama financed with our stimulus(tax)  money are shutting down left and right, bankrupt. The only people making money are the Obama supported owners, who walk away with millions of our tax dollars in their pocket.

I bet Bain company didn’t begin to cause joblessness compared to Obama government – for one reason, Obama has had an extra $5 TRILLION over the last year to get us out of this mess and we have (factually) 2 million less jobs than when he took over. He can talk job creation all he wants but he is really a “jobless creator”.

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