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Obama Shame Himself Number 1,721 (Funds Outside USA)

July 15, 2012

Last election Obama raised billions of dollars overseas and there was no tracking the validity of the donations. It was the first time in history so much money was raised overseas. Which begs the question – is what he is doing LEGAL, ethical, representative to the American people, easily verified, done on his own dimes, not the public’s?

When so much money comes from overseas, how do we know the REAL donors? Could it be Russia, to whom Obama whispered “wait til after the election then we can take care of that – tell Putin I said that”? China (yes, on his fund raising tour), Muslims? If verification is impossible it can become a travesty.

Here is more”:

It’s going to be a very busy month for the Obama Campaign.

Fundraisers are scheduled in Switzerland:



And Communist China:

I’m 41 has more on the Obama fundraiser in Shanghai.



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