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Wonder about polls?

July 4, 2012

Yep, there is a lot to wonder about. Chiefly that time after time the liberal Obama press says he is ahead and in states like Wisconsin the forecast Democrat victory is actually a sound defeat.

Anyway, I have a question. In all these polls do they adjust for the black vote being between 93-98% for Obama, in other words you don’t have to poll blacks, they are automatic Obama voters. In all the reports we read about how many white voters of this group or that group favor Obama and it’s NEVER pointed out the black vote is almost 100% racist?

Why can blacks be  NOT racist?

This has bothered me since the last election where you can redo the stats to divide up the black vote the way the white vote was divided and Obama loses. In other words a racist black population gave Obama the victory. NEVER discussed. Why?

Maybe it’s the fable Obama’s press repeats over and over, the BIG LIE the Germans called it, that whites are bigoted racists. Geez, my great great great granfather fought in the Civil War to keep the Union and free blacks from slavery. I don’t care what color people are. I care we get the current administration out – they have both been and pushed out more racism than I’ve seen in 60 years of elections.



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