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Is Obama Really Going to Egypt to Give a Speech?

June 24, 2012

Rumors seem to be possibly surfacing that with the Islamic Brotherhood winning the election in Egypt that Obama is going back to give a speech on American Brotherhood with the Islamic Brotherhood. His previously wildly popular speech has bombed out because he did nothing but talk. This time he will act less silly the possible rumorist’s say.

He is also supposedly to announce all the weapons the USA sold the Saudi‘s will be re-routed to Egypt as long as the Muslim Brotherhood will take over control of the Egyptian Army and follow thier public policy of making Jerusalem their capital.

He will also announce the Muslim majority he has referred to in the USA will all vote for him and thus he will win the election as president and change his title to Mahdi, or maybe Muab’dib?

For those who have trouble separating humor and fact and parody and ridicule, this is a mythical story.



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