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Six Chinese Teenagers Kill Black Deliveryman

June 23, 2012

OOPS! Got it backwards, the blacks killed the oriental. Here we go again. This time a group of 6 black teenagers plan to rob and kill an oriental delivery man, Zhen Bo Liu, delivering Chinese food. Remember it was only days ago two black teenagers stabbed and killed a white woman delivering pizzas.

This black killing whites almost at random is getting worse and worse, just a day or so ago a white man walking his dog has his throat slit by a black who came up behind him.

Has it become a liberal encouraged black on white race war? The sheer number of black on white attacks is alarming and the ferocity and ugliness of the ways the attackes are premeditated and executed is scary.

Here is excerpt from article:

After shooting Zhen Bo Liu on a dark Wilmington street, the gunmen stole his food delivery of chicken wings and shrimp fried rice and shared the meal among their accomplices at a nearby house. After eating, they returned to view Liu’s body and rummage through his car.

When police arrived on South 13th Street to begin their investigation into Liu’s June 14 death, the only things missing from the 60-year-old delivery driver’s vehicle was the order of food and $48 in cash.

As emerging details shed light on events investigators believe unfolded last week, Wilmington police on Friday announced the arrest of a sixth person accused of playing a role in planning the robbery that led to Liu’s murder.

The new suspect, 16-year-old Nathaniel Lawrence, brings to six the number of people charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery for allegedly concocting a scheme to hold up a delivery driver. Two of those, 15-year-old Mustafaa Friend and 20-year-old Cornell Haugabook Jr., also face first-degree murder charges.

Friend and Haugabook made separate appearances in New Hanover County courtrooms on Friday. Friend was ordered to remain in custody until another hearing July 3. Haugabook was denied bond, meaning he will stay in the New Hanover County jail pending trial.

The other four suspects – Lawrence, Rasheed Thompson, Manije Johnson-Martin, all 16 years old, and 18-year-old Marvin White – also remained in jail Friday.

During Friend’s appearance Friday morning in juvenile court, Assistant District Attorney Jason Smith said Friend and a group of accomplices hatched a plan on June 14 to rob a delivery driver.



One Comment
  1. druca permalink

    notice the mothers response

    “Haugabook’s mother, Nadine Milton, attended her son’s court appearance Friday. The scene brought her to tears. In an interview outside the courtroom, she expressed sympathies for Liu’s family, but asserted her son’s innocence.

    “If my son say he didn’t do it then I am 100 percent by his side,” Milton said, insisting Haugabook did not carry a gun. “I don’t think my son would do something like that.”

    I have yet to ever see a black mother come flat out and say my child was wrong and is deserving of the punishment they get.

    It seems like it is ALWAYS along the lines of “he was a good boy” “he wouldn’t do anything like this”

    Just Imagine how often they never reprimanded their children as they were growing up. Yeah, they will quickly backhand their kids for mouthing off and disrespecting them…. but as far as the kid acting up and causing a ruckus outside their ‘home’? *Crickets*

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