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Elizabeth Hutcheson and Rodney King – What Is Fair Obama?

June 18, 2012

Rodney, a black man, was attacked by cops and Los Angeles burned as angry blacks torched it in anger over his beating by white cops. he was not stabbed with knives.

He died today, decades after this all happened.

Elizabeth Hutcheson died a few days ago. Single mother working to deliver pizzas.

Killed by 2 black teenagers, on the porch from 50 or more stabs from knives. She was not beaten, she was stabbed.

Rodney gets headlines. Elizabth gets nothing. No Obama calling her like a daughter he’d like to have. No white run major media crying out in sympathy. No Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton. No huge reporting of her tragedy.

It’s not fair.

One death diminishes us all, two more so. When one was a killing at the hands of blacks and another decades after a beating at the hands of whites, why does our media celebrate one as a reminder how bad white cops need controlling and do ZIP reporting how murder at a whim of a white by blacks?

What is fair Mr. Obama? What is fair?

Is one life worth so much less than another?

Does the color of ones skin make fair to celebrate one and ignore the other? What is fair?




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