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The Power to Declare

June 15, 2012

Is it legal to simply declare any person a citizen on your authority alone? Is it legal for any one person in power to declare any person is one thing or another?

It boils down to this. Do you believe any single person, whether President of the United States or an employee at the local McDonalds, has the RIGHT to dictate and declare any given person or groups of people are suddenly legal US citizens who can vote, have minority status, get free healthcare, free education, Social Security and Medicare?

Can laws the declared by a single person over the entire governmental system laid out in the Constitution?

That’s what King George did and our forefathers said NO, government is OF the people, BY the people and FOR the people. The people will set up a government that cannot dictate to them, force them to do things they do not choose to do. A government which shall constrained by laws all have agreed to.

Or do you believe we have laws, fought over, changed and changed again by men and women in our Congress, our Judicial system, our many branches of govenment as well as our State and Local and our business and educational communities? Laws that are messy, stained in the sweat and blood of us all that we all agreed were right – BY VOTE, not by DICTATE. Laws that are always open for new changes, legally done and by majority vote.

Once a President is allowed to circumvent the laws, where is the line drawn? If one group can be declared legal, so can another and another. If groups can be declared citizens, then groups can be excluded by the same power. Groups can be dictated to in any way thought fair and proper by the dictator. It’s logic, it flows, it is where this leads.

Choose wisely. As one old knight said, guarding a relic of eternal value, the result of choosing poorly will be death.



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