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Wanted: More Cooks for Bureau of Labor Stats – Part Time til November

June 14, 2012

Doesn’t strike you that it’s just downright hard to believe that everytime new jobless reports are given out, we also hear that the last one given out has been “revised upward”?? About 66 of 67 recent reports as a matter of fact. That’s just like flipping a coin 67 times and 66 coming up heads. Someone cooking the books? I mean, well, report a lower number in the today’s news story and then quietly revise up the last number. Geeeshhh. Americans are not so dumb we don’t see the game.

Well what kind of people run this department?

From the Daily Caller. “The president’s nominee to run the highly visible Bureau of Labor Statistics is on track to win Senate approval despite her ties to decidedly left-wing political groups, her critics say.

“Erica Groshen’s left-wing ties include her 1998 co-authorship of an article urging an end to small businesses’ exemption from expensive federal regulations, and her husband’s 2011 donation to the far-left Working Families Party.” Does that ring a bell? The Working Families Party is the group that protested on the lawn of the AIG lawyer’s house in Connecticut, terrorizing his family.

That’s a couple years ago after the controversy swirled around the bonuses that were passed out at AIG. So Obama‘s nominee to run the BLS is a far, fringe leftist as well as being married to one. The Daily Caller says if she gets the job, she’ll be in a position to spin the unemployment numbers and the reports. Has anybody looked into who’s spinning them now? (laughing) Nobody’s spinning ’em now? We’re only thinking about what this new nominee might do? Ha!



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