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Is This the First Fruits of the Obama Internet Social Mining Attack?

June 13, 2012

Remember the recent, if quickly suppressed, article on the Obama internet mining machine, a thousand or more hacker quality internet engineers to research every one of us, how we vote, why, where to we hang out, what do we buy, etc, etc. All to the end of how to get our vote using the social networks and creating sites or actions designed to influence different interest groups of us on places like Facebook.

Second remember that unions, without contradiction, support Obama vigorously with money and manpower at places like pro Romney or pro conservative events (read SEIU and many proven beatings etc, including that of a black disabled man in Missouri).

Now comes the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) — one of the country’s largest industrial trade unions. They are targeting and recruiting what I am sure is an Obama created group of unemployed into an unemployed union, U cubed for short.

Now what does this union do – read it below – send faxes etc to influential members of Congress and other places to promote a new CCC or PWA like Roosevelts. Guess whose bills? Democrats. Guess who tried to promote this since the start of Obama’s reign? Democrats. Guess who could not even get their totally controlled government of the first 2 years of Obama to agree on it? Democrats.



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