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Trayvon vs Elizabeth – Evil White Hispanic and Evil Pair of Blacks

June 10, 2012

A black man and a so called white-hispanic man have a fight and a gun goes off and kills the black man. To this day there is argument about who was at fault, a black man assaulting a white-hispanic man who fired in self defense or an evil white-hispanic just looking for a black man to kill. Lurking racism of course.

Obama even got in the act blaming the white-hispanic man and calling Trayvon a son he’d like to have had. Then the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jackon types descended en mass with the press even playing edited vocie tapes and blurry video tapes said the show the white-hispanc was at fault.

The point being this tragic event was made into a racial attack by bad boy white-hispanic man on innocent little boy black man (the major press pictures always showed the 18 year old black man as a 12 year old boy-another deceit).

NOW, ELIZABETH, white woman supporting a daughter on her own, working at Domino’s to make ends meet, delivers a pizza to an address ordering it.

Two blacks, girl and boy teenagers, meet her at the door, attack her with knives, inflicting 50 stab wounds. The white woman dies, just like in the press promtoted version of how Trayvon died.

Now where is Obama? Off campaigning with rich Hollywood stars and singing on televison after playing golf nearly 100 times so far in his term, etc. HE HAD TIME FOR TRAYVON. DOES HE NOT HAVE TIME TO OFFER THE SAME SUPPORT TO ELIZABETH? Is he a racist president, unfair?



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