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This is Where Obama Control of Your Life Leads

May 31, 2012

Just think of a king whose vision of how everybody should be treated and what everybody gets or does not.  He decides what cars to drive, what health care is satisfactory, how big a deficit we run, where we can get the energy to run the country,  how we educate our kids and what we teach them, how big and what kind of Armed Forces we have, what taxes we must pay, what we can eat and not eat……… and he has princes and princesses of little sub-kingdoms like heathcare and the EPA, who are allowed to make decisions FREE of the control or approval of Congress

All of that is in place or coming into place with laws AND EXECUTIVE ORDERS (non laws with force of law unless Congress repeals them). Obama has created the machinery to do all this and it’s in place and it is being implemented step by step – death by the thousand cuts.

Michelle is famous for her attacks on the American diet and attempts to legislate it – look at what school lunches are allowed to include, for example. Now, NYC gets into the act telling Americans what threy can and can’t drink.

Don’t you see? This is step by step control over YOUR life and controlling what choices you can make. It’s allowing the government to be the daddy and mommy of your family, to control your kids and grandkids more and more. It’s the opposite of freedom of choice in your life – give it up at your peril.



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