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Not Entirely Insane Says Dem About Hate Groups

May 19, 2012

Of course he was speaking of only right wing. There are no hate groups on the left/black are there?

“The thing I think to understand is that the radical right is not entirely composed of people who are insane. These are people reacting to real changes in the real world around them,” Potok said. (spokesman for the Southern Poverty Law Center).

This was at the end of an article about hate groups growing during the Obama presidency. The article talked entirely about white hate groups – not a word about the huge increase of black on white violence at the very same time. It was also written for ABC news, who quoted exclusively left wing people. Note NO REFERENCES on the Wisconsin State fair type of hundreds of blacks on whites (which was handily downplayed at the time). etc. etc.

A typical leftist, socialist, progressive, whatever you call it, look down your nose at any conservative as being a red-necked, truck driving, beer drinking, flag waving, driviling idiot. All leftist slant and anyone disagreeing being “insane” per Potok

Caution: read at your own risk and be sure to have a large, empty, brown bag in your hand to use:




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