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This is What a President Does?

April 23, 2012

I’d think working for jobs and cutting the deficit and cutting spending while encouraging oil and gas production growth inside the USA are more important than talk shows and humorous dinners and late night, etc etc

The joke is Barry-O thinks he is a real president.

President Obama has  penciled in some hilarious appointments this week: First Jimmy Fallon, then Jimmy  Kimmel.

For the first time on Tuesday, the commander-in-chief will appear on “Late  Night” from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus. The show  will be taped earlier in the day and will air later that night, according to  NBC.

Then, on Saturday, ABC’s Kimmel will roast the president when he hosts the  White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Dan Pfeiffer, the  White House communications director, tweeted that the president on “Late Night”  plans to discuss a measure that would keep interest rates from doubling on  student loans. Many see Obama’s appearance on the popular show an attempt to  zero in on young voters.

Obama is no stranger to late night talks shows. In 2009 he appeared on “The  Late Show” with David  Letterman” and “The Tonight Show” with Jay  Leno.

First  Lady Michelle Obama appeared on Fallon’s show in February.

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