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Barry O Creates MORE Jobs – in Philippines

April 21, 2012

Where is job training going on? What Americans are being trained to take new jobs? OOPSS. Barry-O sending US$ to Philippines to train them, not US workers.

Sort of like all that money GM got to upgrade factories outside the USA.

While the president has been urging “insourcing,” the government has been  sending money to the Philippines to train foreign workers for jobs in  English-speaking call centers.

According to New York Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop and North Carolina  Republican Rep. Walter Jones, this is unacceptable and “shocking.”

The pair are calling on the United States Agency for International  Development (USAID) to immediately suspend what is known as the Job Enabling  English Proficiency (JEEP) program.

According to Jones’ office, in 2010, after the two men compelled USAID to end  a similar training program in Sri Lanka, the agency assured the congressmen that  they would “conduct a review to ensure the project will not take any jobs away  from Americans.”

In a letter to the USAID administrator, Rajiv Shah, Bishop and Jones  expressed their displeasure at learning of the effort they thought the agency  had explicitly promised against.

“I believe it was reasonable to conclude from that statement that your  agency’s outsourcing training program was terminated, particularly in light of  President Obama’s ‘insourcing’ initiative announced earlier this year,” the pair  wrote. “Therefore, I was shocked to learn that USAID has used taxpayer dollars  to invest in outsourcing training programs in the Philippines at the expense of  American workers.”.

According to Bishop, more than 4.5 million Americans currently work in call  centers, but since 2007 more than 500,000 call center jobs have been outsourced  to foreign countries.

Business Week broke the story about the JEEP program this  week. According to Business Week, the program is part of the Growth and Equity  in Mindanao (GEM) initiative, which costs $100 million annually.

“The JEEP program was developed to promote peace and stability in Mindanao by  teaching English to youth in conflict-prone areas to help them pursue gainful  employment in tourism, nursing and other locally-based industries and to break  the cycle of violence which had gripped that region of the Philippines,” a USAID  spokesperson told Business Week, adding that it is set to expire at the end of  the year.

The congressmen want it gone yesterday.

“Using Americans’ hard-earned taxpayer dollars to fund the training of  foreign nationals to take our jobs is absolutely crazy and totally  unacceptable,” Jones said in a statement. “Uncle Sam is over $15 trillion in  debt and unemployment is still elevated because of policies like this, and it’s  got to stop.”

The pair pledged in their letter to “use every legislative option available  to permanently prohibit USAID from engaging in such practices in the  future.”

“I support the international development mission of USAID but my top priority  is protecting American jobs and American taxpayers,” Bishop concluded. “I  anticipate working closely with USAID in a bipartisan manner to ensure that none  of its programs overseas will hurt workers here at home.”

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  1. jamesfudd permalink

    I wish this was the only example of this sort of thing. We have to start unraveling the government Beast.

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