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Should Obama Set Salaries for Private Citizens?

April 6, 2012

Start with CEO’s and finish with janitors.

Does it bother you that Obama and his government, handpicked people, are acting as managers over the CEO’s of 7 firms the government bailed out with our money? Does it bother you these CEO’s are getting paid big bucks, just like private industry CEO’s? But I thought Obama was all against big salaries and bonuses? What gives?

And, why do GM salaried employees get no bonuses and the union people get $8,000 apiece when GM still owes US (the American people) $billions and billions. Oh, and why does Obama still own 30% of GM??? Sell the damn stock and pay down some debt.

Oh, remember the “OLD GM“? Most people don’t. Itwas where all the debt and problems GM had were sent so the “NEW GM” could arise from the ashes, so to speak. But NOONE has told us the Old GM is costing us hundreds of $ billions more than rescuing the New GM ebver did – where is the media on this?





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