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Obama Cares About Trayvon BUT NOT About 2 British Tourists Slaughtered by Blacks in Sarasota

March 29, 2012

This is pure propaganda and racism politics.

Last year 2 Bristish tourists were literally slughtered after walking into a black neighborhood in Sarasota, FL.

Has Obama said he wants justice done for them and hate crimes are bad EVEN IF DONE BY BLACKS? Has he even apologized to the Bristish tahe theri citizend were killed here? NO AND NO

Why is Trayvon being odolized by big media , radical blacks and Dems? Right down to a pic of him at about 12 years old vs a up-to-date pic at 17 or so on his Facebook page? Drudge published it and was immediately attacked for it by Dems and blacks and radicals with loud mouths. Later they had to apologize as the pic was true. But big media continues with childhood pic. Why?



One Comment
  1. The Obama machine; pundents, press and press secretary doesn’t care about one 17 yr old young man, regardless of race. He cares about getting re-elected; and the best way is through diversion, slight of hand, anything that Sol Alinsky promotes in his writings. So long as we are talking about Trayvon, we are not talking about Obama and the terrible mess that his policies have caused us. Let’s mourn the deaths of all children, but keep Obama’s feet-to-the-fire regarding his exploits for the past 3 years.

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