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What is a “White Hispanic” vs a “White Black”

March 27, 2012

The media has gone over the top AGAIN trying to promote racial conflict, obviously to help Obama.

In the recent shooting incident in Florida ( information on which is rapidly disproving the big media/Obama black group persecution of a Hispanic)) has revealed a NEW BIG MEDIA TERM.

When the shooting was reported, the man involved had a clearly Hispanic face, but his last name happened to be Zimmerman ( a more common Jewish surname and more commonly a white complexion).

So, how does the press attack whites and make a huge scene? It reminds you of the false accustaions at Duke. Well they make up a new way to rope whites into a supposed hate crime. They create WHITE-HISPANIC.

So what do the do with Obama, does he now become a WHITE-BLACK which follows the exact same logic as Zimmerman???????



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