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Florida Judge OK’s Sharia Law to be Used For U.S. Court Case

March 21, 2012

This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Sharia law stands in stark contrast to US law. Yet we are slowly allowing this Muslim religious law to gain acceptance and approval right inside the American law system, which has roots back to English common law and the Magna Carta.

The Florida State legislature has failed to pass S.B. 1360, a law preventing Muslim Sharia Law from being enforced by liberal judges, especially one who hates the U.S. Constitution.  

The American Thinker blog reports:  “A controversy over the defeat of Florida legislation that would have restricted state courts from considering foreign laws as part of legal decisions has intensified.  This is after a Tampa judge ruled that two opposing Muslim parties have their dispute settled under Islamic sharia law ‘pursuant to the Quran’ in spite of the fact that one Muslim group did not want to do this…and the Florida Appellate Court denied the petition to appeal the judge’s ruling.

“The proposed law, SB 1360, had been opposed jointly and lobbied against by both CAIR (The Council on American Islamic Relations) and the ADL (the mostly Jewish Anti-Defamation League) … American citizens must be allowed to question, without being called ‘Islamophobes’ or ‘bigots,’ the inherent threat of Islamic sharia ideology, disguised as only religious law, before it endangers our American society.  The political correctness of this constitutional argument actually blinds one to the dangers of some Islamic laws…specifically those that pertain to women and children and the punishments rendered for breaking these laws…                                                                 

“The ‘sinister’ fact is that Islamic ideology makes Muslim women and children powerless, intimidated by the obscene rules of a male-dominated society.  Sharia law requires women to present practically impossible proof of their innocence, such as eyewitnesses to being raped.  A woman who seeks justice for this crime, files for divorce, or desires child custody, or a child that strays into Western ways, has hardly any means to win in a sharia court…                                                                 

“Caning and flogging in public are done in cases where a female is found guilty of a minor sexual infraction, and stoning to death for a wife’s adultery is common in the Muslim world.  Amputation of a hand or foot is considered an appropriate price for thievery, while beheading, crucifying, and hanging are the recommended penalties for murder or blasphemy.  Children can also be harshly treated under sharia law by being forced to remain in the custody of an abusive father after there is a divorce.                                                                 

“Killing in the name of ‘family honor’ is an accepted form of Islamic punishment for a woman’s unfaithfulness or a Muslim child straying too far from the Islamic way…”                                 



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