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Future Headline – October 21, 2012 – Obama Goes Ballistic

March 12, 2012

Obama does not want low gas prices, his man Mr. Chu (maybe it’s Dr. Chu?) has testified to Congress on that back in March, 2012.

Barack’s popularity has gone one way, down, since then and with one month to go before the November Presidential election he’s desperate.

Today he announced he’s opening our reserves and letting us drill where he banned drilling and gas prices fell nearly $2.00 a gallon from $7.00 to an average of $5.00 a gallon.. He’s now sure the American public will overwhelmingly choose him for 4 more years.

But Barack has done more. In addition, to be fair, all those who paid no income tax in 2012 and income is below $75,000  will get FREE gas through Christmas. The top 1% taxpapyers will have a temporary 100% tax rate for the next 4 years, lasting through December 2016 to pay for this.

Wall Street will be shut down until January 2013 to prevent any stock price decreases during this important election. This stopped the run on the market lately which had seen the Dow drop from 12,500 to 6,250.

The unemployment figures now down to 3.6% are still not convincing people the economy has totally recovered. Perhaps the food stamps now being provided 85% of the American people just don’t seem to match the terrific job market. But, after all, over 20 million people have been removed as being counted as ones looking for jobs and they still need food. And, 12 million fewer workers than 4 years ago makes us wonder. But, hey, it makes the numbers look good.

Finally, the annual deficit limit has been raised to $5 trillion to allow the government to print all the money it needs for the year and not tax anybody! It allows the government to borrow $20 TRILLION from it’s own presses over a 4 year Obama term.

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