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McDonalds CEO Tells Off Obama

November 6, 2011

“The question is, how can we get the ox out of the ditch?” Mr   Skinner said. “In order to create jobs in America, you’re going to have   to cut taxes… particularly in the business community.

“We pay some of the highest [corporate] taxes around the world. There   needs to be some levelling.”

Asked about federal borrowing, he said: “It’s not a good story… the   government has to spend less. We have to grow the economy, grow GDP… and you   have to be able to do it in an organic way and not through borrowings and   increasing debt.”

McDonald’s army of blue-collar customers need more clarity on core issues,   such as healthcare, he said. “Until all of that is all defined and   certain… we’re going to continue to have a fragile environment for consumer   confidence.”

Skinner’s intervention will be seized upon by President Obama’s opponents amid   a fierce debate in Washington over the country’s deteriorating finances and   high unemployment. As Democrats and Republicans fire up their 2012 election   campaigns, the focus is on the “9pc nightmare”, with both the US   budget deficit and jobless total at that level.



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