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Obama Plays on Wednesday Nights

June 15, 2011

There have been a number of articles over the last two years mentioning how the Obama White House had designated Wednesday nights as “play time”. You don’t see the articles a lot. Also, you don’t see a lot about what play time comes around each week, but the big name entertainments you do get wind of at times.

Now add this goof off time to over 72 golf rounds. Then add all the campaign trips. Then add all the TV time. And on you can go.

When will Obama actually try to create jobs? His stimulus went largely to Democrat pork projects. The results show the failure: 1.9 MILLION LESS JOBS since the stimulus began.

Meanwhile the Democrat elite, like Nancy Pelosi, see their net worths increase by $20 million, at least, just last year. What does it tell you? How about the lack off unemployment in Washington, DC? It’s around 3% when the rest of us average 9% plus.

How about the constant golf and parties? The expensive trips for Michelle Obama and her kids? You’d think Obama was the KING, the royalty, his wife the QUEEN and they have anything they want and the rest of us are supposed to just keep paying more and more money into the Obama USA destruction fund.

WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama and the first lady are having members of Congress over to the White House this evening for a picnic.

It will be held on the South Lawn. Vice President Joe Biden will also be there.

Earlier in the day, the president will get his daily briefing. In the afternoon he and the vice president will meet in the Oval Office with Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who is resigning the end of this month.

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