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Summer Organizers and Sunshine Tweeters

June 6, 2011

The Obama machine is going into high gear this summer, nearly a year and a half ahead of the election. This time, though, we know how to hear the Obama-speak for what it really is. Big government, disguised hard left ideology, bullying tactics and cynical and mostly enthusiastic use of popular media

“As summer organizers, we’re the face of the president,” Jenn Brown, a DNC
staffer leading the training, told attendees.

Over coffee and bagels, sub sandwiches and pizza — which Brown called “the diet
of an organizer”

“Be on time,” “Be positive,” obey the “chain of command” — and talk to the
media? “No, no.”

It’s also clear they believe 2012 will be defined by Twitter.

“The Summer Organizers who write the best tweets will be re-tweeted by campaign
leadership,” it reads.

“I missed the campaign in ’08 when I was overseas working for the U.N.,

“It didn’t really inspire me to work toward some particular policy goal as much
as it inspired me towards a motivation to work harder for families and workers
in general.”

Blame Congress and Republicans than the president for any shortcomings in reform
legislation related to education, immigration, and the environment.

As one campaign staffer at the training put it: “We have our data person who’s
going to come in and talk about the data, which obviously we’re very militant




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