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Democrats and Republicans Demand Obama Obey Law of Use of USA Military

June 4, 2011

As we all know, the Congress passed a war powers act that said the president of the USA must come to Congress within 60 days of committing USA military to combat where lives were at stake. The Congress than must declare war or approve to continue combat status for a period of time. The USA’s Supreme Commander of the military was not to have carte blanc to do whatever he wanted with the USA military without agreement with the Congress.

Obama has disobeyed this law in Libya. He has been for over 60 days and plans to do so until at least September. This is after he stated the USA military would be involved for days, not weeks. To let him get away with this is to allow him to do things like command the military to attack Israel or Saudi Arabia or India or Pakistan, etc under any pretext he wants with NO consequence.



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