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Ever Wonder Why Obama Is The Way He Is?

June 2, 2011

Everyone should read this:

Here is an excerpt:

Obama’s hyper-partisanship extends far beyond historical party differences.
He routinely demonizes businesses, castigates domestic “enemies” and takes sides
in non-executive matters. Everything this Administration does reeks of “Us
against “Them” conducted through the prism of demographic considerations usually
invoking redistributions of wealth or power.

Many think the president’s consistent siding with Islam reveals he is
secretly Muslim. If true, this would explain Obama’s hostility to Israel,
employing NASA for Muslim “outreach,” his refusal to acknowledge Islam’s role in
terrorism and his incoherent response to the Ft. Hood massacre. But Muslims
aren’t radically pro-abortion, pro-homosexual and pro-feminist.

Nor can being Muslim explain why the president would side with Mexico over
Arizona and other bizarre foreign policies like extolling drilling off Brazil’s
shores, but not ours. America, as a Western imperial nation has supposedly
inordinately benefited by exploiting resources more deservedly belonging to
Third World peoples.

Israel represents a bastion of western civilization in territory cultural
Marxists find justly Arab. Israel will forever be the oppressor no matter how
many murders terrorists commit. Palestinians will always be the oppressed even
though they despise us. Yet Palestinians in Israel retain more rights and enjoy
more material prosperity than most Muslims enjoy in their own lands.

The commonality infusing Obama’s policies, both foreign and domestic, isn’t
Islam or anti-colonialism as Dinesh D’Souza surmises, but cultural Marxism. It
explains his frequent apologies for America abroad, why unions were favored over
bondholders and why determining which GM dealerships survived wasn’t predicated
on profitability, but the owner’s race or sex.

To cultural Marxists, immigrants, even if illegal,
hold moral sway over white citizens therefore amnesty and even handouts are
justified. Only whites can be racist so the Black Panthers shouldn’t be
prosecuted for voter intimidation. Obama’s nominations, such as Sonia
, seem more about Affirmative Action for “wise Latinas” than
appointing qualified candidates.



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