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Obama grounding JFK’s NASA space legacy

May 25, 2011

By 2005, in keeping with President Kennedy‘s intent and America‘s resolve, NASA
was developing the Constellation program, focusing on a return to the moon while
simultaneously developing the plans and techniques to venture beyond, and
eventually to Mars.

The program enjoyed near-unanimous support, being approved
and endorsed by the Bush administration and by both Democratic and Republican
Congresses. However, due to its congressionally authorized funding falling
victim to Office of Management and Budget cuts, earmarks and other unexpected
financial diversions, Constellation fell behind schedule. An
administration-appointed review committee concluded the Constellation program
was “not viable” due to inadequate funding.

President Obama‘s proposed 2011 budget did not include funds for Constellation,
therefore essentially canceling the program. It sent shock waves throughout
NASA, the Congress and the American people. Nearly $10 billion had been invested
in design and development of the program.



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