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Obama Takes Campaign Pics in Ireland – Kenya on Hold

May 23, 2011

Inside the puff piece about how Incredibly perfectly Obama is an Irishman lie many revealing points like lots of pictures for the 2012 campaign to appeal to Irish and immigrants and minimize his Kenyan side, etc.

Obama, the son of a Kenyan father and Irish-American mother, one an estimated
of 37 million Americans who claim Irish ancestry, and he was greeted like a long
lost son. The powerful images could help his 2012 re-election campaign.

For Ireland, Obama’s arrival, and the visit of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth last
week, are a welcome distraction from the global attention paid to the country’s
financial woes.

Three babies were handed over a security barricade for pictures to be taken
with Obama. Women hugged and kissed him under the watchful eye of his security
detail. Dozens of American flags festooned the village’s one street.

Heard on the radio about the same time was a popular song, “There’s no one as
Irish as Barack Obama.”

Inside the pub, which was lined with framed photos of Obama, the president
met Henry Healy, a 24-year-old distant cousin. He joked with the bartender to
make sure the Guinness had settled properly before he and Michelle took

Moneygall is capitalizing on its famous connection, selling everything from
Barack Obama fridge magnets to Barack Obama plastic lighters. Tee-shirts with
slogans such as “What’s the craic Barack?” and “Is feidir linn” — Irish
translation of “Yes we can” — are top-sellers.

“What I emphasized is that we want to continue to strengthen the bonds of
trade and commerce between our two countries, and that we are rooting for
Ireland’s success and we’ll do everything we can to help on the path to
recovery,” Obama said.

The who;e thing: There’s no one as Irish as Barack Obama…

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