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Why Obama’s Tax Increase Won’t Work

May 22, 2011

At this point only cutting spending will save us. Why? We simply don’t have enough money to pay the deficit at the rate Obama is increasing it with his spending. Let alone decrease what we already have.

Example: If Obama took ALL the money the rich people have it would not pay the added spending he’s already added in just 3 years (nearly $5 TRILLION). All of Bill Gates money would pay the deficit increase, ONE TIME ONLY, for 13 days. Warren Buffet could cover 15 days with ALL his money, one time.

I say the rich can cover it only one time with ALL their money  because the deficit spending CONTINUES, next year it’s BACK AGAIN AND GATES AND BUFFET ARE COLLECTING UNEMPLOYMENT, THEY ARE PENNILESS. So who’s going to pay then?

Taxing the rich is a fantasy, an ideologue’s dream to right every wrong and pay for everything. It’s a way to get people to vote for you, to keep you in power longer, to allow you to create a chaos level so great the Constitution is ignored and you can become a despot.

Every single person pressing America to spend even more now has his or her boot on America’s throat.

Those wishing to decrease spending and cut our debt is trying to lift that boot off our throat. is article with numbers on deficit, including some referenced above.



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