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Are USA Caused Civilian Deaths in Pakistan Like Israel in Gaza

May 17, 2011

This just occurred to me as I read an article about John Kerry visiting Pakistan to discuss the border violations the USA is constantly making. Let’s exclude the Osama bin Laden kill.

I took a snippet of the article below and I want to draw your attention to the part where it’s pointed out the Pakistani’s are very upset by the Pakistani civilian deaths cause by all the predator strikes. This was just mentioned in passing. BUT, is it not just as great a violation of human life as when Israel goes after the Hamas terrorists who are shooting missiles into Israel?

I think there is a double standard here.

It’s OK for the USA to put troops in another country to chase terrorists and then to fire missiles into a country next door to that country because the terrorists are hiding there and coming over to kill Americans and going back there to hide.

But when Hamas rains missiles down on Israel, (I mean like if Venezuela rained missiles directly on the USA), Israel is criticized to an extreme level for collateral civilian deaths when they go into the Hamas held area to retaliate. I guess it would be fine if we attacked Venezuela and killed a bunch of civilians?

“Pakistan has made it clear that they are going to protect their borders,” after the bin Laden incident, said Shaheen Akhter, a research fellow at Institute of Regional Studies in Islamabad. Still, with the U.S. needing Pakistan’s help to“make its exit from Afghanistan as smooth as possible” and Pakistan not wanting to escalate confrontations on its western border, it will be “business as usual,” Akhter said.

Hours after Kerry completed his talks in Islamabad yesterday, missiles fired by U.S. unmanned aircraft killed seven suspected militants in North Waziristan, Pakistani officials said. Such strikes in the border area are very unpopular among Pakistanis for the civilian casualties they have caused.



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