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Diversion – Thy Name is Obama

May 10, 2011

“Never let a good crisis go to waste” – a mantra for the Obama left.

What’s on the menu today? Diversion away from the TRUE crisis, the unsustainable spending, the “printing” of every third dollar spent, the looming inflation, the economic depression – in other words the economic crisis.

So what do we do?

He’s been taking so much heat on the blatantly ridiculous coverup of his birth certificate for the last 3 years, he releases something. This takes a lot of heat off the economy issue and puts all the news focus on Obama. The pros and cons begin to explode and then?

We swoop in and get Osama bin Laden. This was an operation that any web researcher can see was planned for months, if not years. It was no sudden discovery Osama was there. Then we see the news spun as though Obama was personally in the compound commanding the kill of Osama. The latest is that it was Obama who commanded a third helicopter be sent because the military had forgotten that.

This is a big one and it eclipses the birth certificate exposure, which had already diverted attention away from the economic crisis. The net of this was to be a spectacular jump in Obama approval ratings because he was now a provable military veteran, he did it all, remember? This is still being spun as I type.

But the point of diversion from the economic crisis is working and the spin is how the Republicans have lost their edge against the wise and wiley Obama, who will thwart their evil attempts to cut spending and protect the poor against those greedy evil rich white guys. Plus, come on – we have an immigration crisis to fight!

Yes, the Obama camp is jumping from one canned crisis to the next like popcorn overflowing the pan. While Obama is on a roll from bin Laden its importanat he lay the groundwork to legalize the illegal and further open the border. The argument is being laid on the field of human rights so it’s hard to argue against him EVEN if to follow his plan further bankrupts the country. So, here is another diversion away from the economic crisis dressed in the clothes of a humane crisis.

And let’s not forget the fight to keep Obamacare alive in the face of 65% opposition by Americans is a desperate one. The latest manuever is to have a stacked deck of 2 Obama and 1 Clinton judges of the 4th Court of Appeals refuse to support lower court judgements that Obama care is unconstitutional. This will delay everything and give Obama the time to get one more new Obama judge on the Supreme Court before the case gets pushed up there. Again, the issue is not economics, its humane treatment of Grandma (remember Obama said sometimes you’re old enough that maybe going home and taking an aspirin is the best thing?)

Meanwhile 20% of the 24-55 age group male workers are not employed and are ALSO not looking for work, so they don’t show as unemployed or make the 9% worse. This is a part of the now recognized group of hidden unemployed that bring true unemployment to the area of 20%. But we can’t let reality intrude, we can’t expose the economic crisis we are swimming in now.

So, folks, call, write, fax, visit spend your own time, do anything you can the get to the members of Congress and tell them YOU ARE NOT BEING FOOLED – that you want the economic crisis to supersede all the other issues and be the focus until brought under control. Boehner may be right – billions of dollars of budget cuts are like dropping a few pennies of saving out of a pocketful of gold coins of spending. We really do need trillion dollar solutions.



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