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Who really signed Obama’s birth certificate?

May 8, 2011

There is still no answer to the questions about the different names and different signatures for the officials signing Obama’s birth certificate and then signing another baby certificate from another birth at the same hospital only a couple days apart (this other birth certificate was made public before the latest Obama one was released). How many registrar’s did they have then and if more than one, who were they? Do records exist to show the two different registrar signatures were indeed THE two registrars that commonly signed the registration certificates at that time? There have to be hospital and public records.

The answer should be easy. Look at the signatures on 100 birth certificates before Obama’s and 100 afterward. If both signatures we are seeing appear on lots of these certificates we can infer, with a high degree of confidence, there were 2 different registrars signing certificates at the time of Obama’s birth. This could be done without seeing one bit of any personal data by redacting it and just leaving the registrar signature area, for example.

But noone has answered this 2 signature question. If you have anything to add you know about this, please post.

Two pictures are shown of birth certificates issued within days of each other at the same hospital. One is the birth certificate Obama released the other of another baby born almost the same time. The people signing don’t match – I don’t mean the baby’s, I mean the officials signing the forms. Were their muliple registrars etc? Seems unusual two birth certificates only days apart are signed by different people?



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