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Bin Laden and Pakistan – How Has Pakistan Been Paid Off

May 2, 2011

We all rejoice that the ringleader of the attacks on the Twin Towers, Pentagon and crash of the heroes in Pennsylvania has been caught and fittingly killed in the catch. I saw the Twin Towers go down from 20 miles away and I walked around the twisted steel and rubble as soon as it was allowed. I saw the face of absolute evil in those attacks and I was ready to take how ever long it took, go wherever we had to go and do whatever need be done to punish and prevent this from happening again.

We have known of Bin Laden‘s locations for some time. The relationships with the Pakistani government and supporting middle eastern countries had prevented an effective simultaneous attack on the multiple locations he was staying. Finally the exclusive special compound was finished and he moved in to stay. Then finally the deal was reached to allow our forces to get him.

What Obama had to give Pakistan for this support is not known, But I’d watch the news carefully for the next year. It will as well hidden as possible. Certainly weapons to advance the postion of Pakistan versus India and maybe leaning on India to give up territory. Further isolation of Israel could be part of it as well. We’ll see.



One Comment
  1. Over four years of patient intelligence planning to get the scumbag.
    The Pakistan leadership should be ashamed for letting a global criminal like this take refuge in their country.

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