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Latest on Katie Couric and Martin Sheen

April 28, 2011

NEWSFLASH: I just found this on the web….

Katie Couric, who gave a slightly more literal meaning to the word anchor as she sunk the ratings of CBS Nightly News, is calling it quits – no doubt to seek out more lucrative leftist opportunities. But this
isn’t about Katie. This is about that bastion of left-wing reporting, CBS
Nightly News, that made a rash, premature call to hire Couric half-a-decade
ago. In the years that followed, CBS News paid Ms. Couric $15 million a year to
take the broadcast to an all-time ratings low.

We know you are eager to offer up your suggestions to help CBS, but we do want to tell you that it’s bouncing around the net that George Soros (well, actually Tina Fey impersonating him)
has already offered up Charlie Sheen as a possible replacement. Charlie is
charismatic − and coincidentally out of work − and provided CBS is lax on their
disciplinary policies, could be a perfect fit.



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